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Quick start guide

Thanks for purchasing the Aspire BDC(Bottom Dual Coil) Clearomizer. Before you start using the atomizer, please read this user manual carefully to help ensure that you use it correctly.

Below are 4 points you should notice when using:

1. Please set the clearomizer upright for 3-5minutes to fully absorb E-liquid into coil.If you experience a burning taste for the initial few puffs,it is becuase the E-liquid has not fully absorbed into the wick, give the liquid time to be absorbed and try again.

2.Connect the coil head firmly with the bottom hardware to prevent disconnection and leakage .

3.Connect the upper hardware and bottom hardware to the tube firmly to prevent leakage .

4. Because of the alternating heating and cooling, some vapor will recondense into liquid in the mouthpiece, this is not a sign of E-liquid leakage.Please clean the upper hardware and the inside of the drip tip with tissue regularly.

5.Please don't activate the clearomizer without e-liquid to prevent damaging the inside structure of coil head .