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aspire nautilusaspire nautilusaspire nautilusaspire nautilusaspire nautilusaspire nautilus
The advantage of BDC Clearomizer » Items picture advantage disavvantage our ratings CE4 a. When injected a suitable standard of liquid, even if you don’t cover the mouthpiece, it won’t leak; b. A moderate amount of vapor; c. Beautiful appearance. a. It is easy to mislead users filling too much liquid, then the clearomizer may leak, less vapor, the liquid will accumulate in wicks, easy to leak to mouth; b. It is hard to control the heating coil to be uniformly distributed during mass production, cause 3%-5% burned taste or non-vapor products. c. Single coil design, large current through the heating coil, temperature becomes high, makes impure taste and short life; d. Because heating coil is near to mouthpiece, the liquid can’t flow to upside, when you smoke for a while, need to reverse the clearomizer to let liquid flow into heating coil; The percentage of crack of transparent tube is a little high, because the design of the structure makes tube under overpressure. 2 stars CE5 single coil a. When injected a suitable standard of liquid, even if you don’t cover the mouthpiece, it won’t leak; b. A moderate amount of vapor; c. Changeable heating coil heads, different resistance for selection; Beautiful appearance. a. It is easy to mislead users filling too much liquid, then the clearomizer may leak, less vapor, the liquid will accumulate in wicks, easy to leak to mouth; b. Single coil design, large current through the heating coil, temperature becomes high, makes impure taste and short life; c. Because heating coil is near to mouthpiece, the liquid can’t flow to upside, when you smoke for a while, need to reverse the clearomizer to let liquid flow into heating coil; 3 stars CE5 Dual coil a. When injected a suitable standard of liquid, even if you don’t cover the mouthpiece, it won’t leak; b. A stronger amount of vapor; c. The flavor taste purer and feel better, less burned taste; d. Changeable heating coil heads, different resistance for selection. e. Beautiful appearance. a. When injected a suitable standard of liquid, even if you don’t cover the mouthpiece, it won’t leak; b. A stronger amount of vapor; c. The flavor taste purer and feel better, less burned taste; d. Changeable heating coil heads, different resistance for selection. e. Beautiful appearance. 4 stars Bottom dual coil a. Restrict users inject the appropriate standard liquid, won’t mislead users filling too much; b. Because of the updated structure, the vapor is super big; c. Bottom dual coil structure, liquid flows well, flavor taste very pure and good, no burned taste; d. When smoke, liquid keep flowing, no need to reverse the clearomizer to let wicks absorb the liquid; e. The distance between mouthpiece and heating coil is longer than old structure, can make the temperature of vapor fall rapidly, the vapor taste better, and during smoking, the vapor will condense into liquid, and this liquid will flow down to the bottom, it won’t go to mouth; f. The life of heating coil head will be longer; Beautiful appearance. 5 stars
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Aspire Odyssey mini kitAspire SkyStar Revvo Kit zelos kit

Aspire Odyssey mini kit(Quest Mini kit for UK market)

Aspire Odyssey mini kit
This kit is comprised of the Triton mini tank, the Pegasus mini, and an Aspire micro USB cable.The Triton mini is a truly versatile pintsized dynamo with its??wide range of coil options and truly adjustable airflow controls. Not to mention the convenience of its??top filling capability. Then there is the Pegasus mini mod, an ergonomic device that is sleek and elegant as well as possibly being the easiest to use temperature control device currently available, as well as one of the smallest. With swappable batteries, wattage adjustment from 1 to 50 watts in regulated mode, capable of firing atomizers from 0.1ohm to 3.0ohms in REG mode and in BYPASS mode it can fire coils from 0.2ohm to 3.0ohms. It is a perfect match for the Triton mini. Their individual versatility is impressive, but together they are amazing. All in the palm of your hand.

Available in three stylish finishes, Gold, Silver, and Black.

Aspire Odyssey mini kit

Battery Installation

Aspire Odyssey mini kit
Insert the positive end of the battery towards the 510 connection. Next slide the retaining arm to arrest the cell, the retaining arm is also the negative connection. Then replace the magnetic compartment door.

Dimension and atomizer

Available in three stylish finishes, Gold(24 karat gold plated), Silver, and Black.
(Our Black and gold tanks are plated using a nano vacuum plating process over top of the base stainless steel. This process meets FDA safety guidelines.)
Aspire Odyssey mini kit
Aspire Odyssey mini kit


Aspire Odyssey mini kit

(Kanthal coil)

Aspire Odyssey mini kit

(Clapton coil)

All Triton mini coils are compatible with the Nautilus and Nautilus mini replacement atomizers.

Due to the Triton mini’s short stature and it's coil array this tank provides excellent flavor.

Atomizer Installation

Aspire Odyssey mini kit
Simply screw a new replacement atomizer into the Triton mini ’s base hardware. Prime the coil and then reattach the base hardware to the Triton mini and you’re ready to vape.

Full Kit Comes with

(the gold kit is a special edition)

Aspire Odyssey mini kit
1*Triton mini tank
(a 1.8ohms Clapton coil pre-installed )
1*Pegasus mini mod(no cell)
1*1.2ohms kanthal coil
1*Ni200 0.15 ohm temperature control coil
1*extra glass tube
1*USB charger


EOS Aspire nautilus

Ariflow Adjustable

Glass Tube

EOS Aspire nautulis mini

BVC coil

Ariflow Adjustable

Glass Tube