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Aspire Pegasus

Aspire Pegasus
Introducing the Pegasus TC manual edition. The Pegasus delivers power up to 70 watts in REG mode with temperature control in a sleek and classy device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The manual edition delivers the same functionality as the original Pegasus but with all the settings defined by the user. It supports Kanthal, Nickel, and Titanium atomizers.
Wattage Output:1.0W-70W(in REG mode)
Resistance Parameters: 0.1ohm-3.0ohm(in REG mode) 0.2ohm-3.0ohm(in BYPASS mode)
Voltage Output:0.50V-8.50V


Aspire Pegasus


  • Voltage displayed to the hundredths
  • Resistance displayed to the hundredths
  • Wattage displayed in large easy to read numerals

Protective features

No atomizer message

Stepdown protection

High temperature protection

Short circuit /Low resistance protection

Automatic cutoffn


If “Ka” (Kanthal, standard wattage mode) is selected the next screen will allow you to switch between Bypass (Direct current from the battery to the atomizer. You will not be able to change the wattage in this mode) or Regulated (The current is controlled by the cpu in the device, Wattage may now be adjusted via the gear, left to decrease and right to increase.). Note that Stainless steel and nichrome can also be used under the “Ka” settings.

Temperature control(viable with Nickel and titanium coils)

  • 1.If “Ni” or “Ti” (Nickel or Titanium, temperature control mode) are selected you will be prompted to select between “F” (Fahrenheit) or “C” (Celsius) accompanied by the return arrow.
  • 2.The device will then read “ROOM TEMP”. Selecing “YES” will lock the resistance of your atomizer. (Environmental temperatures can impact the resistance of temperature control coils This feature allows the user to have a consistent vape every time.) Selecting “NO” will cause the device to use the old resistance as the baseline for calculating temperatures. Temperature may now be adjusted via the gear, left to decrease and right to increase. Both options will require confirmation upon selection.
  • 3.The pegasus allows for temperature from 200 to 600 Fahrenheit or 100 to 315 Celsius.
To increase the wattage turn the gear to the left, to descrease the wattage turn the gear to the right. If you turn the gear quickly the wattage will be increased or decreased in 10 watt increments.

Adjustable wattage from 1 to 70 watts


Aspire Pegasus


Aspire Pegasus
The days of sealed batteries are over. Now you can change out your batteries quickly and conveniently so no matter what you can enjoy your vape.

Charging dock

Aspire PegasusAspire Pegasus
The Pegasus’ charging dock offers you a stylish and sturdy means of charging your Pegasus.